Reuse materials. Rebuild communities. Restore Lives.


We are a bold amalgam of designers, builders, and material specialists looking at use in brand new ways. Join us in a movement to repurpose materials, retrain individuals, and realize latent potential through design.


The 10,000 square foot facility includes a state of the art workshop, community room, gallery, design studio. The workshop has digital fabrication components as well as traditional craft based equipment for wood, metal, and masonry. It is used for training of Trade Institute of Pittsburgh apprentices, prefabrication of Urban Design Build Studio projects, value added product construction for Construction Junction, and education of community members. Here are some ways you can participate:




Our designers and builders create value-added products, prefabricated housing and more through the use of materials that would otherwise go to waste. 



We welcome partners and volunteers of all disciplines to join us in building smarter communities and training new professionals with a focus on reuse.




We partner with under-served communities to empower people with the knowledge and skills to improve their environments from the ground up.



Pittsburgh’s population loss from its peak.

Building and land vacancies are real challenges. The physical environment must adapt and its PROJECT RE_’s goal to design appropriate systems and solutions.


Growth expected in construction trades workers from 2012 to 2022.

Although Pittsburgh’s economy was predicated on industry, recent growth has focused primarily on education and healthcare. This shift has caused a growing demand for tradespeople in the region. PROJECT RE_ provides on-the-job construction skills training to individuals looking for gainful employment.


World’s population that cannot afford design services.

PROJECT RE_ aims to empower these residents by partnering with them in the development of catalytic projects and increasing their capacity to replicate the work through job skill development. 


How much of the landfill waste stream is construction debris.

Allegheny County produced 191,622 tons of construction waste in 2012. As much as 5% of that amount is re-usable. PROJECT RE_ value added products are designed for use of these materials to facilitate landfill diversion.



We believe that our cities contain the raw materials, skilled workers, creative thinkers, and audacious individuals needed to transform our communities, right now. PROJECT RE_ exists to harness these resources, equip and connect them to bring about big changes.


Our Partners & Stakeholders Include:


Our Consultants Include:


C & C Lighting Design

G. A. Mattern and Associates

Iams Consulting

J & J Fire Protection Co., Inc.

McKamish Metal Fabrication Group

Merit Electrical Group

Sauer Brothers Heating & Cooling